Do I need to fully cover my mattress to protect against dust mites?

This is another of those questions that is asked on a regular basis. The answer is NO, despite what some so called experts say it is not the case. Take it from me a long standing dust mite allergy sufferer. I think I do however need to explain why in more detail.

The dust mite is a simple little soul, not much thinking goes on there, they just eat and reproduce and thats it.

They live in just the few centimetres of your mattress below where you sleep, in the padding above the springs.

Below this is the space that is occupied by the springs, the dust mite does not live there, there is no reason to, its not where the food is. You see dust mites don't go off wandering around much, they just sit and wait and if no food arrives they die, some might move away but only to find a better source of food and that's nowhere else on or in your mattress.

A fitted sheet style mattress protector with a waterproof/dust mite proof barrier is all you need. If you stop moisture and skin particles from getting into your mattress, the dust mites die out or move on.

Completely encasing your mattress will not make any improvement to this outcome, in fact it is actually detrimental. A completely enclosing dust mite proof and waterproof cover is not only going to be much more expensive to buy than a fitted sheet style one but it will very probably damage your mattress as well.

Your mattress will already contain a level of moisture if there are dust mites in it, completely enclosing it makes it much more difficult for this moisture to evaporate, this will drastically increase the levels of mould, fungus and bacteria within the mattress causing it to effectively rot from within, and its not even neccesary to do this to eradicate the dust mites.

Simply use a breathable, waterproof fitted sheet style protector to solve the problem.

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