Anti Allergy Mattress Protector

If you suffer from allergies or are concerned that you might become an allergy sufferer then you should consider buying an anti allergy mattress protector.

What is a dust mite allergy?

Many people around the world suffer from allergies. You can be allergic to one thing or many things. These can range from fairly common day to day things or something that you would only occasionally come into contact with.

The two most commonly found allergies are hay fever and dust mite allergies, often if you suffer from one, you will also suffer from the other, or at least be more likely to become allergic to them at some point.

Hay Fever is an allergy to pollen and usually it is the pollen of one particular plant that you are allergic to, but someone else also with hay fever can be allergic to the pollen of a completely different plant. This is why two people with hay fever can suffer the same allergic reaction but at different times of the year. It just depends when that particular plant is in flower.

How can a mattress protector help with my allergy

Mattress Protectors can do little to help with the symptoms of hay fever, but are essential when coping with a dust mite allergy and as mentioned before can minimise the chance of hay fever sufferers then also becoming dust mite allergy sufferers.

Essentially mattress protectors are available in two types waterproof or not. The ones that are not waterproof tend to have a quilted upper surface, waterproof ones usually have a terry towelling upper surface with a waterproof backing. Now at this point you might ask how either of these can be of any use to dust mite allergy sufferers.

First of all we need to understand a little about the dust mite before we can go any further.

What is a dust mite?

The dust mite is a tiny microscopic creature that lives in all of our homes, regardless of cleanliness. Dust mites feed on the tiny particles of skin that fall from our bodies as we go about our business. The dust that accumulates on surfaces and that you can see in a shaft of sunlight is mostly made up of these particles. Dust Mites eat these particles but not when they are fresh. They can only digest them once they have been broken down by bacteria, and this bacteria itself requires moisture to survive.

From this we can see that dust mites require a regular supply of skin particles along with bacteria and moisture to survive, in our homes dust mites will colonise any areas that provide these, especially areas that remain undisturbed. They can be found in soft furnishings, cushions, soft toys and carpets, but the place where more dust mites are found than anywhere else is our beds.

Why do dust mites live in my mattress?

Our mattress and pillows provide the perfect breeding conditions for dust mites. They have a regular supply of food from and skin particles that we lose overnight and the moisture we release through perspiration provides perfect conditions for the neccesary bacteria.

Dust mites are plentiful just below the surface of the mattress. They develop into massive colonies here feeding on the skin particles that find their way into the mattress to be broken down by the bacteria. Millions can exist inside a single mattress.

In reality we are not allergic to the dust mites themselves but their waste products. These millions of mites produce lots of waste which is released from your mattress as you move about. This is breathed into our lungs which then sets of the allergic reaction leading to itchy red eyes, coughing and sneezing, which disturbs our sleep.

So how can we solve the problem and get rid of these dust mites?

To resolve the problem we need to deprive the dust mites of their food source, there are two ways that this can be successfully achieved, you can either stop the food sources from reaching the dust mites or stop the bacteria from developing in the first place. Dust Mite bedding protectors, sometimes known as an anti mite mattress cover will carry out both of these important actions

Lets take a closer look at the anti allergy mattress protectors that can do this.

Quilted Anti Allergy Mattress Protector

A quilted anti allergy mattress protector fits onto your mattress just like a fitted sheet. The quilted part covers the upper surface and it has stretchy sides to hold it in place. This kind ofanti allergy mattress protector is not waterproof but it does protect the mattress from wear and tear. A quilted anti allergy mattress protector has a fibre filling that has been treated with an anti bacterial agent that inhibits the growth of bacteria and mould which in turn prevents the infestation of dust mites within the quilted section. The padded fibre filling can also improve the comfort of the mattress. Dust mites within the mattress itself are starved out because less moisture and food is getting throgh to them throgh the quilted protector.

Breathable Waterproof Anti Allergy Mattress Protector

This is my personal favourite because it does such a great job of eradicating dust mites. The upper surface of this anti allergy mattress protector is made from a soft absorbent cotton rich terry. This surface is designed to absorb moisture and to allow it to evaporate easily. On the underside is a waterproof but breathable membrane. This is a very clever piece of technology, because it is breathable it does not affect your body temperature and does not create excess perspiration but it does not allow any moisture to pass through to the mattress. This also stops skin particles from passing through as well so a double bonus, but it doesn't stop there. It works the other way, dust mites and their waste can't get from the mattress to you so a triple bonus. Fit one of these to your mattress and the dust mite issue ends there. Its also machine washable and can be tumble dried if required so is very easy to look after.

Don't I need to completely cover my mattress to get rid of dust mites?

One final point here, you might hear people say that to solve a dust mite problem you need to completely encase the mattress in a zip on cover. That is complete nonsense, don't beleive it. Encasing your mattress causes more harm than good. Any moisture in the mattress gets trapped inside and can create mould and even more bacteria.

The other thing is that it just does not make any sense. If you have a barrier that stops moisture and skin particles from entering the mattress, the dust mites die out FACT, they cannot survive without these and skin particles don't travel up into the underside of the mattress, and neither does your persiration. A fitted sheet style protector like these solves the problem.

You can view these two anti allergy mattress protector ranges in our online shop by clicking on the links below.

Quilted Anti Allergy Mattress Protector

Breathable Waterproof Anti Allergy Mattress Protector

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