Choosing a Waterproof Mattress Protector

If you are looking for a waterproof mattress protector then you have come to the right place, we have more choice and in more sizes than any other mattress protector supplier. We have 7 different models in up to 20 different sizes to choose from. To go straight to the choices available scroll to the bottom of this page.

You would be forgiven for thinking that one waterproof mattress protector is just like any other. It's just one of those things that many people don't even think twice about but if you choose the wrong one then you could end up with a mattress protector that fails to do the one thing you bought it for in the first place or just as bad, it might be so uncomfortable to sleep on that you or your guests remove it completely, leaving your mattress without any protection at all. These kind of protectors are also sometimes referred to as a waterproof mattress cover.

Why do I need one?

Many people think that they don't need one, They think that they are only a requirement for the the very young, the very old or for those with a continence problem. However, even if you don't have any of these issues, you can guarantee that you will still need one. Without one, perspiration, saliva and other perfectly normal and natural bodily fluids will sooner or later stain your mattress. Many people also enjoy a drink in bed, again only a matter of time before something spills and then stains the mattress. What about children?, they love jumping into mum and dads bed, and without a protector there is again a chance for the mattress to become marked or stained.

You might think, so what, who cares if my mattress picks up a few marks and stains here and there? Well for one guests staying over might not be too keen to sleep on a mattress that looks dirty and uncared for, and many people do look under the sheets at the mattress they will be sleeping on.

Then we look at health and hygiene issues. Your bedding including your mattress protector can be washed, dried and put back on the mattress. Once your mattress is dirty and stained it is virtually impossible to get it clean again, no matter how hard you try. The marks and stains on an older, unprotected mattress are caused by moisture. This moisture allows mould, fungus and bacteria to form on the surface of the mattress. This can become a serious health issue. Spending the night on top of this can lead to illness, infection and respiratory issues and it can so easily be solved by using a waterproof protector that simply protects your mattress from sweat, it really is as simple as that.

Is it going to be uncomfortable to sleep on?

This is a very common belief. We tend to think that a waterproof protector is going to be either hot and sweaty to sleep on, or that it is going to keep you awake by being noisy and crinkly to lie on. The honest answer here is that some are and some are not. This is why you need to buy your mattress protector from a specialist supplier. You see the problem is that you can buy a mattress protector from many high street stores and websites, but if they are a general retailer, maybe one of the high street giant household names, you are buying a product purely based on price and not neccesarily on quality or function. Many suppliers have a limited product range that on the face of it looks cheap and yes it's described as a waterproof mattress protector but how do you know if it is going to do the job and at what sacrifice to your comfort. We stock a broad range of mattress protectors in a vast range of sizes, we have something for every budget, but we will point out the differences and give you a choice. Our mattress protectors are sourced from around the world and the first thing that we guarantee is that we offer the best product in each category with the largest range in the widest range of sizes.

Our range is as follows:

1. Economy Waterproof Mattress Protector

This is our budget, entry level waterproof protector. It is designed to provide cheap and basic protection. It is great on kids beds or as a spare protector for when a guest stays over. It is made from a single layer of polypropylene which is waterproof. It is placed over the top of the mattress just like a fitted sheet. Provides excellent protection at a budget price.

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2. Standard Waterproof Mattress Protector

This is the next step up from the Economy model. The construction is completely different. This time we have a low pile polyester/cotton upper surface, bonded onto the underside of this is a waterproof pvc membrane. The sides are a stretchy polyester fabric that allow it to be fitted to your mattress in a similar way to a fitted sheet. This offers a longer product life, better waterproof protection and an upper surface that can absorb moisture. A positive and practical step up from the economy range.

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3.Breathable Waterproof Mattress Protector

This is easily our best selling mattress protector. It was never designed to be the cheapest mattress protector but it was designed to be the best, most comfortable mattress protector currently available. The breathable mattress protector accounts for more than 80% of our sales, and with good reason too.

The upper surface is a deeper pile, cotton rich, soft terry towelling. This is very absorbent, meaning that perspiration and moisture is soaked up and then allowed to evaporate away from your body. This improves comfort and temperature regulation during the night. This upper layer is bonded onto a microfine waterproof polyurethane membrane. The two layers are bonded together in such a unique and uniform way that unlike some other mattress protectors there are no thin patches that might break down with use. The other great thing about this superthin very soft membrane is that it is breathable, yet completely waterproof. This means that it does not make you hot and uncomfortable during the night and is silent in use. If the mattress protector you are looking at does not mention polyurethane or PU in the description, then it is probably not breathable. As this is our most popular waterproof mattress protector it is available in a huge range of sizes from babies cot size to Superking. This fitted sheet style mattress protector is easy to look after, it can be machine washed then tumble dried and does not require ironing.

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4. Breathable+ Waterproof Mattress Protector

This is exactly the same as the one above but instead of having a stretch jersey elasticated skirt around the edges, the terry upper surface with the breathable PU underside runs seamlessly across the upper surface and down both long sides of the mattress providing even more waterproof protection to your mattress.

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In some circumstances you need something more substantial than a fitted sheet style mattress protector. Our final 3 waterproof mattress protector models completely encase your mattress for complete protection and are therefore 100% waterproof bed covers.

5. Total Enclosure Zip on Waterproof Mattress Covers

These are our most popular zipped waterproof mattress cover. They are a hospital grade product with a textured surface. They completely encase the mattress and fasten with a zip and can be machine washed or tumble dried.

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6. Breathable Bi-Elastic Zipped Waterproof Mattress Covers

These are the ultimate in hospital quality zipped mattress protectors. They are similar in appearance to the Total Enclosure Zip On Mattress Cover with the added benefits of being much more stretchy and being breathable as well.

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