Anti Allergy Bedding

What is Anti Allergy Bedding

When we say anti allergy bedding we mean bedding that can assist in the control and relief of our allergies. Of course there are many different types of allergy, in fact you can be allergic to just about anything. Anti Allergy Bedding is however only beneficial when dealing with an allergy to dust mites. These tiny mites live in all of our homes but concentrate in areas where they get a plentiful supply of food. Dust mites feed on the tiny particles of skin that come away from our bodies as we go about our business. They cannot eat it immediately, they have to wait for the decaying effect of moisture and bacteria to take place first, so they live wherever dust accumulates and which is then left undisturbed to alloy this process to take place.

In our homes the highest number of dust mites is found in our mattress. Here skin particles can work their way through the upper surface and lie undisturbed. The moisture released from our bodies at night provides the perfect conditions for bacteria to grow and to break down the skin particles into a form that the dust mites can digest. In addition to the mattress dust mites are also found in large numbers in our pillows and to a lesser extent in our duvets.

It is actually not the dust mites that we are allergic to but their waste products. These are released from our mattress as we move about at night only for us to breathe them in and the allergic reaction to take place in those who suffer from this allergy.

Anti Allergy Bedding is designed to minimise the number of dust mites in our beds and to stop their waste products from getting to us, but how does it do this?

Types of Anti Allergy Bedding

There are essentially three ways to produce Anti Allergy Bedding.

Chemically Treated Anti Allergy Bedding

Some Pillows and Duvets are manufactured with a filling that has been chemically treated to inhibit the growth of bacteria and mould. If there is no bacteria then the skin particles cannot be broken down and the dust mites have nothing to eat and effectively die out. This is very effective initially but over a period of time the effectiveness of the chemical treatment reduces and eventually the dust mite numbers will begin to increase. You will only be aware of this when your allergy starts up again. At this point you could of course start again with a new treated pillow. Do bear in mind that the treatment is only available on a relatively limited number of pillows. If you prefer a particular type of pillow then you may not be able to get that particular one with the treatment. Duvets are available with the same treatment but duvets do not suffer from dust mites in the same way as pillows and mattresses are. This is because our duvets are subjected to much more movement dispersing most of the dust before it can be used by the dust mites.

Tightly Woven Anti Allergy Bedding

It is possible to buy bedding such as mattress protectors, fitted sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers that are produced using a fine thread that is woven together very tightly. So tightly in fact that the gaps between each individual thread are too small to allow dust mites and their waste products to pass through, and likewise too small to allow skin particles to pass through into the mattress or pillow.

This type of anti allergy is relatively expensive to buy. The other issue is that each time you wash it, the washing process loosens those threads ever so slightly, after some washes the threads have seperated just enough to start allowing things to pass through. They are also not waterproof so moisture also passes through and eventually the dust mites begin to breed and the problem returns unless you also fit a waterproof protector.

Dust Mite Barrier Anti Allergy Bedding

This is the anti allergy bedding option we prefer, reccomend and of course sell. It works by introducing a barrier between you and the dust mites. Unlike the tight weave option this barrier cannot come apart in use. It is available as a pillow protector, mattress protector and even a duvet protector. It consists of two layers. A soft comfortable cotton rich top with a dust mite proof membrane on the underside.

In addition to the barrier not allowing dust mites or skin particles through it is also waterproof which means that bacteria cannot develop inside the mattress or pillow. This waterproof membrane is made from polyurethane which is waterproof yet breathable. This means that you will not become hot when sleeping on it, in fact it is virtually undetectable in use. This protector also acts as a waterproof mattress protector as well as anti allergy bedding and is easily our best selling, most requested product, ever. It can be regularly machine washed and tumble dried without affecting its performance in any way.

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We have created a guide to help you to dust mite proof your bedroom. It is completely free of charge, you don't even have to register your details to get it. Just click on the title below to get your copy.

"How to Dust Mite Proof your Bedroom"

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