Do you need a Zipped Mattress Protector?

Some people want a zipped mattress protector rather than just a standard mattress protector. Whether you call them zipped, zip up or zippered there could be several different reasons. You might want to cover the mattress completely to disguise its appearance, or you might want to have a mattress protector in place that is not easily removed or maybe you feel the need to keep something in or out of the mattress. Lets look at these in more detail.

Covering a mattress with a zipped mattress protector to disguise or hide it's appearance.

The very nature of a mattress means that it can become marked, stained or just worn with age and use. The mattress itself might well still be very usable and comfortable and for one reason or another you don't want to replace it yet so the answer could be to cover it with a zipped mattress protector. This will give it a new lease of life and mean that those marks and wear can't be seen easily by guests and other visitors. You would be surprised how many people take a quick look at a mattress before they sleep on it.

A zipped mattress protector won't come off by accident

Sometimes a standard mattress protector will come off too easily, maybe you have a child or a visitor who for whatever reason pulls the covers, sheets and mattress protector off the bed. It might be accidental or on purpose but you would rather the mattress protector stayed in place. It might be that the mattress is on an adjustable bed that as it moves a standard mattress protector just pops off. In these cases the use of a zipped mattress protector can solve the problem and it stays firmly in place. A zipped mattress cover is the same as a zipped mattress protector.

Using a zipped mattress protector to keep things in or out of your mattress

Some people have an allergy to dust mites and feel that, or have read that, the only way to deal with the problem is to completely encase the mattress with azipped mattress protector. For most dust mite allergy sufferers an Allergon anti allergy mattress protector is sufficient but for those with a more extreme reaction or phobia then a zipped mattress protector will give more protection and more peace of mind.

Bed Bugs are another issue here. Bed Bugs feed on human blood and bite at night to feed. Bed bugs hide during the day and are difficult to find and to eradicate. One of the places that bed bugs hide is inside the mattress itself. They get in and out through the small ventilation holes and any tears in the mattress fabric. They can hide under seams and edges of the mattress. A zipped mattress protectorwill seal the mattress from these unpleasant creatures.

Our zipped mattress protector range currently includes the following types. Click on each to view them in our store.

Polycotton zipped mattress protector - This is a polyester/cotton cover that completely encases the mattress and fastens with a zip. The cover has a jacquard weave design and is intended to cover an existing mattress to give it a clean fresh look. This is not a waterproof cover.

100% Cotton Satin stripe zipped mattress cover - Similar to the Ibiza but this time 100% cotton with an attractive satin stripe design.

Zip On waterproof mattress protectors - This zipped mattress protector is designed to provide heavy duty waterproof protection for your mattress.

Breathable Zipped Waterproof Mattress Protectors - Similar to the one above but with added stretch thanks to its Bi-elastic construction and comfortable to use because its special Polyurethane inner lining is breathable. The ultimate hospital quality waterproof mattress protector.

Bed Bug and Dust Mite Proof Zipped Mattress Cover - There are many e who are allergic to the dust mite and its waste products and blood sucking Bed Bugs are becoming more common now. This zip on mattress cover helps deal with both problems in one go.