What is Waterproof Bedding?


When we refer to waterproof bedding we are usually referring to bedding that is to be used by someone with a continence issue. Incontinence is a problem that many people suffer from. It can be stress related, age related or medical related. Some people ony suffer from it at night and during the day have no problems at all.

When we refer to waterproof bedding we don't mean the sheets themselves what we actually mean is bedding that protects the mattress, pillow and duvet from becoming wet. If these do become wet then often they cannot be washed and take a long time to dry and can then smell or become mouldy. Waterproof bedding is used to try to prevent this.


There are generally three items of waterproof bedding available.

The first and most important item of waterproof bedding is a mattress protector. Without one a mattress is the first item to become wet and the most difficult one to dry out. Of course it needs to be waterproof but it also needs to be comfortable. There is nothing worse than lying on a noisy, crinky plastic sheet. You need to choose one that is waterproof but with a soft, breathable waterproof membrane. One from this range is ideal Waterproof Bedding - Breathable Mattress Protector.


The next thing to consider is waterproof bedding to protect your duvet or quilt as again without protection they can be permanently damaged. A waterproof duvet protector should ideally fasten with a zip. You place your duvet inside, close the zip and then put your usual patterned duvet cover over it.


The final item of waterproof bedding is a waterproof pillow protector. These should again fasten with a zip. The pillow goes inside the pillow protector which is then placed in your usual preferred pillowcase.