How important is it for a mattress protector to be breathable?


This is a question that we are often asked.

The problem is that often people see the words 'Mattress Protector' on the packaging on a shelf in a shop and think that all mattress protectors are the same and do the same job. This is far from the truth. Many shops just stock the cheapest one they can get their hands on which is usually the ones that are the most uncomfortable and the ones that will only last for a short time. Some retailers do just the same but put their big global multi national name on it in the hope that you will think that if it's got their brand on it then it must be good.

Mattress protectors differ in many ways, if they were all the same we wouldn't have 15 different kinds available would we. However as the mattress protector specialists we try to have one that suits any specific requirement and price level.

Going back to the question 'How important is it for a mattress protector to be breathable' we have to consider what happens if it isn't.

Non breathable mattress protectors will usually be made from a form of plastic or pvc. These will certainly be waterproof but they will not be breathable. By breathable we mean that although liquids cannot pass through them, water molecules can. This is the same as our own skin. It is waterproof yet breathable.

When a mattress is not breathable your body will slowly increase in temperature. As this happens your body perspires. This is your body's natural reaction when it becomes too hot. This perspiration is then trapped between you and the mattress protector making you and your bedding feel damp and uncomfortable.

This does not happen with a breathable mattress protector because your body does not increase in temperature.

The answer is therefore, that it is important for a mattress protector to be breathable but it does come down to budget. A breathable mattress protector will cost you more than one that isn't but to be honest it is well worth spending the extra.

We sell ten times as many breathable mattress protectors than non breathable and those buyers tend to come back for more, because you can put breathable mattress protectors on every bed in your home and you won't even know they are there but your mattresses will always be protected.

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