Zip Up Full Covers For A Mattress


Sometimes you need something more than a standard fitted sheet style mattress protector. Sometimes zip up full covers are the only solution. There can be several reasons why you need a zip up mattress protector which can include.


  • You need a zipped waterproof mattress cover that cannot be easily removed.


  • You need a mattress cover that will always stay on your mattress and not lift or pop off at the sides.


  • You want to brighten up an existing older mattress.


  • You are concerned about dust mites and bed bugs and feel that a mattress that completely encloses the mattress is the best solution


  • You need a waterproof mattress protector that provides more protection than a fitted sheet style one can offer.


Our range of Zip Up Full Mattress Covers are available in several types as follows

Jacquard Zip Up Full Mattress Covers - These are a zip up full mattress cover that have an attractive white jacquard design. They are designed to completely cover the mattress and fasten with a zip. They are not waterproof but are designed to cover an older mattress to give a more attractive cleaner look. They are made from a Polyester Cotton Fabric that is quite heavy, so that the mattress inside cannot be seen through the fabric.

Satin Stripe Zip Up Full Mattress Covers - These serve a similar purpose to the Jacquard but are finished in an attracttive satin stripe design and are made from 100% Cotton.

Total Enclosure Waterproof Zip Up Full Mattress Covers - As the name suggests these completely enclose the mattress and are fully waterproof, fully enclosed mattress covers

Bi-Elastic Hospital Quality Zipped Waterproof Mattress Covers - Similar to those above but they are more stretchy which gives a snugger fit and makes them more comfortable for those that are bed bound or spend a long time in bed.

Full Care Zipped Waterproof Mattress Covers - These are designed as a complete mattress care product. They are waterproof, they are dust mite proof and they are bed bug proof. Liquids just bead up and roll off which means that there is no drying time. Just wipe down, dry off and they are immediately ready for use again.