Essentially a mattress protector serves two purposes.


It protects your mattress from marks and stains.

When you buy a new mattress it is obviously clean and hygienic to sleep on. If you just make the bed up with a bottom sheet without a mattress protector then it is only going to take a matter of days before it will start to discolour and stain.

The reason for this is that quite simply, the human body leaks. Moisture and liquids are released by our bodies as we sleep. This could be in the form of bed wetting but in reality what causes most of these stains is just perspiration, common everday sweat. We all do it, we are warm and cosy at night and when we get a little too warm our bodies produce perspiration. This passes from us to our bottom sheet and during the course of the night some of it will pass through the sheet to the mattress. Each night a small amount will get through. This perspiration contains salts and other minerals which as they dry turn slightly brown. Over a period of time your mattress will become more and more stained and discoloured.

Of course it's not only perspiration, there are other bodily fluids that can leak, but we won't go into any more detail than that. Even spilt drinks in bed are another cause of stains,

This staining is completely avoidable by using a mattress protector between your bottom sheet and your mattress.

A mattress protector also protects you from dust mites.

The other reason why we should have a mattress protector on every bed in every home is that without one dust mites will breed and colonise your bed in huge numbers. Dust Mites are tiny microscopic mites that live in our homes, wherever they can find a plentiful supply of food.

Dust Mites live in all of our homes, regardless of cleanliness. They are found in all forms of home furnishings including carpets and sofa's, but the place that more of them are found than anywhere else is our mattress. Here they can feed and breed undisturbed. All they require is a food source to survive. Dust Mites eat the tiny particles of skin that we lose at night. These tiny particles are pushed through our sheet and through the fabric of the mattress. Here these particles are broken down by bacteria and then eaten by the dust mites. The bacteria itself requires moisture to survive. If you can stop the supply of skin particles and moisture into your mattress then you will eradicate the dust mites. Even better if the mattress protector is dust mite proof then the dust mites and their waste matter can't get from inside the mattress to you. Choosing the right mattress protector can solve all of this.

Just the thought of hundreds of thousand of dust mites living in our beds is unpleasant enough but dust mites are known to be the cause of some asthma and eczema in children as well being one of the most common causes of allergies in humans. The symptoms of these allergies include a runny nose, sore eyes and coughs.

So Which Mattress Protector?

To the casual shopper most mattress protectors look fairly similar but there are actually many different types and of course qualities available, in fact every brand of mattress protector is at the very least slightly different to another brand.

Your main choice should be down to waterproof or not. Don't be put off by the word 'waterproof', yes some are hot and noisy in use but if you choose carefully you can have a waterproof mattress protector that is completely undetectable in use. Most waterproof protectors are usually dust mite proof as well. If you choose to have a non waterproof protector then it will probably have a slightly padded, quilted surface. Remember that it's not waterproof so some moisture could still get through to your mattress, it won't be dust mite proof either, in fact dust mites will just live inside the quilted part. Most quilted mattress protector are only designed to protect your mattress from wear and tear, not from dust mites or from fluids.

Once you have decided whether to go waterproof or not there are still lots of differences between protectors. Remember like anything else, the cheapest is never going to be the best, but the cheapest is better than nothing at all.

Things to look out for are what is it made from, if it's waterproof is it breathable or not?, Can it be washed and can it be tumble dried, how deep is it? and does it go on like a fitted sheet or is it zipped up with your mattress inside.

You will find all these options available here. If you need to ask us a question then just use the contact page and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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We are aware that by giving you so much choice you might not know which one to buy so let us make it as simple as possible. You can take your time and browse through all the types available but if you don't have the time for that and need to get one ordered now then here is our advice.

If you want the best, most comfortable, most effective all round most popular mattress protector then choose the Breathable Waterproof Mattress Protector.

If you really don't want a waterproof one, but you want a good quality protector that will last and be comfortable then go for an Anti Allergy Quilted Mattress Protector

If you want a zip on mattress protector then try the Zip on Waterproof Mattress Covers

Ideally spend some time looking at all the options, all of our mattress serve a particular purpose or price range, you won't find a more comprehensive range anywhere else. If you still can't decide then use the contact button at the top of the page and we will do our best to help and advise.