Why do you need a breathable waterproof mattress protector?


A mattress protector needs to be waterproof if it is going to provide proper protection to your mattress. If it isn't waterproof then sooner, rather than later your mattress will become marked and stained. Even if you have sheets and other items of bedding between you and the mattress eventually those stains will appear if you don't have a mattress protector. These stains are then followed by mould, fungus and bacteria which will make your bed a very unhealthy place to be.

Without a waterproof barrier moisture and skin particles can get through to the mattress and within a matter of months your new mattress will be home to thosands of breeding, feeding and growing dust mites. A waterproof barrier removes this risk in one step.

However not just any waterproof mattress protector will do. It needs to be breathable as well as waterproof. We are often asked how this is possible, how can something be both breathable and waterproof? The easiest way to understand this is to think of our own skin, it is both breathable and waterproof.

This is where you have to be careful when choosing a mattress protector. There are many available that are not breathable. The problem is that if it's not breathable they will make you hot and sweaty. Most mattress protectors have an upper layer and a waterproof lower layer. If this lower layer is made from something like PVC then it is not breathable. If it is made from polyurethane then it is breathable.

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