Why Do I Need to Use a Mattress Protector?

There are still some people who think that they don't need to use a mattress protector.

We understand why some people think this way. It is a common misconception that a mattress protector is only for people who suffer from an incontinence problem but that could not be further from the truth.

Your mattress is essentially a flat box like structure that you sleep on. In most mattresses your body weight is supported by a collection of springs. The springs have a layer of foam and fabric on top of them for comfort and then the whole mattress is encased in a fabric outer layer to make it look nice.

The human body contains a wide variety of fluids and during the night, like it or not, some of these fluids will leak out. These fluids could include perspiration, saliva, blood, tears and others. We can not avoid this leakage and if you just use a standard sheet between you and the mattress then these fluids will pass through it and into the upper surface of the mattress.

Who wants to sleep on a stained mattress?

This leaking through to the mattress might not bother you, but it should. These fluids create stains. Those noticable brownish patches on an unprotected mattress are caused the the salts and minerals in persiration discolouring as the age and dry out.

A guest or visitor sleeping on that mattress might not find these kind of stains very pleasant to sleep on. Yes they would be hidden under the sheets but many people do actually lift the sheets to check.

Why you should never use a new mattress without a protector on it

Another reason to use a mattress protector is that these stains build up very quickly, it can take just one single night sleeping on an unprotected mattress for it to become stained. Imagine you had bought a new mattress for your bed and used it on the first night without a mattress protector and became aware of something being not right or faulty with your new mattress, if it has any stains or marks on it then the shop you bought it from from can and will refuse to exchange it. So when buying a new mattress put a mattress protector on it straight away. Don't take any risks.

Protect yourself from the hidden enemy

The third reason for the need to use a mattress protector is for your own health benefits. Here we are talking about dust mites. These tiny microscopic creatures live in all of our homes regardless of how clean we are. As there name suggests they live anywhere where dust is found in the home. The reason they like house dust is that it is made up of the tiny particles of skin that our bodies lose during the day. Fabrics rubbing against our skin cause these particles to fall of where they eventually gather in a corner, or settle into the pile of your carpet. Moisture in our homes causes these tiny particles to decay and to be broken down by mould and bacteria.

Much of this gets vacuumed away and it's far enough away from us not to cause us much bother, but in our beds it's a different story. A mattress is the perfect place for dust mites to live, they have a plentiful supply of skin particles passing through the fabric layers, there is moisture to create the mould and bacteria and they are left undistubed to breed and multiply. A mattress contains millions of these mites all living just below the surface. As you roll over and move about tiny waste particles are released from the mattress into the air just centimetres from your nose and mouth. That's unplseant enough as it is but it gets worse, dust mites are known to be the cause of the onset of asthma and eczema in some children. Many people, old and young are allergic to the waste products of the dust mite and show symptoms such as wheezing, runny nose and eyes, itchiness etc.

A waterproof mattress protector stops these particles from being released from the mattress, but better still stops any moisture getting into the mattress. Without moisture the mould and bacteria can't grow. The dust mite can only consume skin particles that have been broken down by this bacteria and mould.

After reading this you just might agree that a waterproof mattress protector is a neccessity on every bed in your home, and by the way, if you choose the right waterproof mattress protector you won't even know it is there.

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