Is a Waterproof Mattress Protector Hot and Crinkly to Sleep On?

The simple answer to this one is "It depends on what type of mattress protector you buy".

We often see people recommending and describing mattress protectors as 'plastic sheets' and asking "Which rubber mattress protector should I buy?" or "Can I buy rubber sheets". If a mattress protector is described in this way then walk away from it, no matter how cheap it might be. Rubber and Plastic will make you feel hot if you lie on them. They have no way for the air right next to your body to cool down or for the subsequent sweat that is generated to evaporate away. Very quickly you will be removing them from your bed, leaving your mattress unprotected

Plastic also tends to be crinkly, crunchy and generally noisy in use so thats another great reason to stay away from it.

The only way that a waterproof mattress protector can be both noise free and not cause you to overheat is if the waterproof part of it is breathable. This may sound impossible but to get the idea just think of our own skin, it is waterproof, water cannot pass through it whilst we shower, blood doesn't pass through it unless there is a cut, yet our skin is breathable, air molecules can pass through it.

The only waterproof membrane that has these same properties is polyurethane or PU for short. A PU backed waterproof mattress protector is breathable, and noise free in use. In fact a polyurethane backed waterproof mattress protector is virtually undetectable in use.

Our breathable waterproof mattress protectors use PU to provide the waterproof properties.

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